Wiesn MeatOut (english)

The demonstration starts at 1.30 pm at the Marienplatz!

As it has for many years, Munich will be hosting the world’s biggest fair once again in September 2012. And just like that, more than 500.000 chickens, 100 oxen and countless other animals will once again have to die.

But this year, we are going to take our resentment and resistance against this kind of feasting to the streets. The Oktoberfest is going to serve us as a symbol for the consumerism in our society.
Meat eating in general and the Oktoberfest specifically are just one part of the exploitation madness.
For almost all areas of human life, animals are being held in unworthy conditions, tortured and abused as products. Be it for clothing, food, furniture or for mere entertainment – the animals can not defend themselves, and their voices are never heard. That’s why on the 29th of September, we will go where the exploitation is paid for, to let the call for mercy be heard.

Join us and lend the victims of this insanity your voice!
Help and make people realize their self-satisfied mindset so we can eventually put an end to the suffering.

Let us wake them up!
Let us show them that there is another way!
Let us tell them that we are not OK with it!
Let them know that we are bloody angry!

Come to the „Oktoberfest MeatOut“ on September 29th, 2012.
For those still standing, there is going to be an animal rights party later that evening.

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